Private Party

Would you like an original location on the beach for your wedding party with a ceremony? Or do you have something special to celebrate (communion, jubilee, birthday, etc.), then KAS is the ideal destination for you and your guests.

Always summer in KAS!

Thanks to our new covered outdoor foyer, Passerelle with ‘Sliding Glass’ and skylight with beautiful glass artwork (by artist Christine Vanoppen) the Belgian weather will no longer play tricks on you and your guests. Both in summer and in winter (heating elements) you can enjoy our garden. In summer, the window elements can be fully, partially or completely closed, depending on the weather conditions. But also in winter it is nice to stay warm during a reception or winter BBQ when the IR heaters are on and the fire baskets are burning. 

Facilities of the KAS building

Capacity per room

  • Foyer Scheldt – 200 pax standing, 150 pax sitting
  • Foyer Park – 100 pax standing, 80 pax sitting
  • Chambre d’Amis (on first floor, including beautiful terrace with Scheldt view) 150 pax standing, 80 pax sitting
  • Outside Foyer with gangway & Light dom (incl. Northwest side garden) – approx. 300 pax standing, 180 pax sitting
  • Garden KAS 3500m2

The following rooms are offered separately from Sunday to Friday, except Saturdays. (Prices on request)

  • Foyer Scheldt (with beautiful view on the beach, the Scheldt, Royers lock and the Port house with Zaha Hadid artwork) & Foyer Park (very light room with view on landscaped garden and beautiful view on the beach and the Schelde)
  • Foyer Scheldt & Foyer Park with use of the
  • Outside Foyer, gangway & light dome.
    Very light covered canopy in the garden with cloakroom, toilets and reception desk. Usable winter and summer due to the presence of professional heating elements.Chambre D’Amis on the upper floor with beautiful terrace of 65m2:
    • Note1: On Saturdays, the property is not divisible as wedding parties are organised then. Available spaces on Saturdays: Foyer Schelde, Foyer Park, Outside Foyer with gangway & light dome and use of the garden. (excl. Chambre D’Amis) 
    • Note2: On Sundays the building is available for family parties, communions, baby showers, etc.

Facilities Foyer Scheldt and Foyer Park (main building):

  • Incl. use of concrete terraces north and south side and lounge terrace furniture
  • Entire room can be divided by means of soundproof curtains
  • The entire ground floor has an acoustic ceiling
  • Cloakroom for 300 pax
  • Reception desk
  • Ladies, gents and disabled toilets 
  • Open fully equipped kitchen with possibility for cooking demonstrations, etc.
  • Music and sound installation
  • Complete lighting installation with adjustable spotlights over the entire building
  • AV material to be arranged with KAS technical department 
  • Along the entire length of the ground floor there are two sitting areas built with oak tops, which are extremely suitable for walking dinners, coffee corners and after-dinner corners or reception desks.
  • Over the entire length of the Foyer Schelde there is an uninterrupted bench that can be used for receptions, dinners and art exhibitions.

Faciliteiten Chambre D’Amis:

As the cream of the crop we have our Chambre D’Amis on the top floor with a beautiful 65m2 terrace:

  • Family parties (communion and spring parties)
  • Anniversaries
  • Birthday parties

Facilities Garden and Outdoor Foyer:

  • The entire Outside Foyer and the gangway with light dome are equipped with ‘Sliding Glass’ and fitted with sound boxes, lighting and heating elements. The Outside Foyer also has a cloakroom, reception desk and toilets (ladies, gents and disabled persons).
  • There is also the possibility to enter vehicles into the Outside Foyer via the main entrance Kastanjedreef or via the private entrance at the back of the building (wedding or family party)

Parking, beach and water bus

Free car park

600 FREE parking spaces at approx. 5 minutes walk from the building

  • Thonetlaan (parking at house 20 and passage to KAS via paved and lighted path on newly constructed recreation area)
  • Parking Mill
  • Parking Camping
  • Parking Kastanjedreef
  • Parking stables
  • Beach and jetty (Palingplaatsteiger)

Splendid view of the beach and the Scheldt, ideal for unforgettable wedding photos.

Your guests can also reach KAS by Waterbus. The jetty is located at 3 minutes walking distance from the KAS building.

info and timetable: 


KAS works with its own caterers, who are the only ones allowed to operate in the rooms of KAS. They know KAS through and through and know, like no other, how to anticipate your needs, from street food, reception, walking dinner to extensive dining. They have an extensive range of formulas and keep a sharp eye on your budget.

If you would like a location visit without obligation, this is possible from Monday to Thursday from 10am to 6pm and Friday to 12pm by appointment. If these hours would not suit you, please contact us by telephone on 0479 06 50 16.

KAS gives you a beautiful location and an amazing organisation. We provide you with a personal service that fully meets your requirements. We ensure that you and your guests have an unforgettable party. We will be pleased to discuss with you the various possibilities we have to offer for your wedding, family or private party. For more information, please CONTACT us.

KAS We Take Care of  You.

General terms and conditions available on request