Studiebureau Talboom, in collaboration with IN[AR]CO Architecten, designed the building as a solitary monolith that opens up to the surroundings. The openings on the side elevations are rather informal and are hidden behind the façade. The concrete structure is wrapped in an envelope of ten kilometres of wooden slats, forming a weathered beam or container on the beach, as it were. From the imposing garden, the impressive entrance patio attracts attention. The open front and rear façade and the spacious terraces for exhibitions and events also attract attention.

Environmental design around the building

It is a semi-public space where events meet. The garden is a continuation of the natural Schelde estuary and is laid out with beach grasses, wooden terraces, wooden mooring posts and small-scale paving for placing the artworks. At the height of KAS, the Wandeldijk and the Schelde offer a beautiful view through to the landscape behind. The garden will be an inspiring space for organising events, always in symbiosis with the exhibition of art.